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cropped-header.pngJust a quick update for you all!

If you’ve been around here for any length of time, you’ll know I’ve attempted the “Monday Meal Plan and Recipe Share” on Mondays – sharing my own weeks’ meal plan and having others share their favorite recipes.

For the first couple weeks I got a few submissions, but the last few weeks I’ve gotten NONE. Zip. Zero. Zilch. Please don’t worry, I’m not mad or upset, just realizing that I probably should waste my/your time by doing this on Mondays, that’s all!

Real Food for Real LifeSo, a change will be rolling out. To keep with my theme (Real Food: What it is, Where to Get it and How to Cook it), I’m going to be focusing each Monday on the “Where to Get it” portion.

Sometimes these will be books or sources (with discounts!) that I think you’ll all love. Other times it will be a giveaway from one of my sponsors. I have a few GREAT ones coming up soon! And only a couple times a year it will be a carefully selected “bundle sale” of books and services.

(P.S. There is one such bundle coming up on Oct. 7th. You’ll want to be sure to stay tuned and read my blog that day – this bundle is HUGE, valuable and will be a great price). Save up your weekly coffee and/or lunch money and use it on this instead. I promise it will be worth it!)

We’ll be kicking it off this coming Monday with a book I know a lot of you will love, at a cost of 25% off the regular price – and no, it’s not the one pictured above, but that one is a great one too – you can click on the picture to read more about it. Come back and visit Monday to see the details…

Also, I hope it never feels like I’m trying to “sell” you something…please know that when I do choose books/services/bundles to share with you all, I do so because I think they are valuable and helpful. I don’t just jump on any ‘ole book bandwagon!

And yes, I DO earn a small commission for affiliate links and/or promoting books, but know that it’s not a whole lot. It’s just enough to keep things running around here (web hosting, anti-virus software, yearly fees, etc, etc). All the yucky stuff that is part of blogging.

I continue to love this little outlet I have for sharing recipes that I think up, books and resources I come across and info that I learn along the way on the topics of Real Food and Healthy Living.  And I’m thankful that I have a couple thousand people to do it with each month.

I hope you’ll stick around for a bit. Come learn along with me as we navigate this Real Food journey!

And if you are a new(er) reader, I’d love to have you comment below and tell me more of what you’d like to see!




This post contains affiliate links which, when clicked, might earn me a small commission. Thanks!


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