A GIVEAWAY from Shelf Reliance – ENDS 12/14!!!!


Welcome to my new blog! I am excited to share with you our family’s journey towards eating more Real Food! The purpose of this blog will to share with you exactly WHAT Real Food is, where to get it (because isn’t that always a time-consuming challenge?) and how to cook it!

I thought a fun way to get my newly designed blog off to a great start would be to offer a fun giveaway. I am excited to partner with Tracy Babcock from a new store called “Shelf Reliance (keep reading for instructions on how to enter) .

This is a great new store that offers freeze-dried foods, among many other things. They are great for emergency food storage purposes or to just use in your everyday cooking. The great thing is that when these foods are freeze-dried they retain their vitamins and nutrition. They have things like FRUITSVEGETABLESGRAINSDAIRYDRINKSMEATS/BEANSDESSERTSBASICS!

                                                                                                       (click on pic to see it larger)

They also have a GREAT shelf-life – click HERE to see their chart that explains shelf-life of opened and unopened products. I like the fact that they are SPRAY-FREE and no chemicals are added – and Tracy DID mention that they are thinking of going all organic at some point. Right now the only item that is truly organic are the apples, since some of the peel is still on them.

Tracy was kind enough to send me some samples to try – she sent me a little sample each of the dried beef, corn, vanilla yogurt bites and dried blueberries. I have to say the idea of freeze-dried ground beef (or any freeze-dried meat, for that matter) was sort of gross to me, but I gave it a try and put it on some nachos and it tasted like, well, meat! The vanilla yogurt bites were tasty and were gobbled up by my kids right away. Apparently,you can also “reconstitute” (basically means put in water and bring it back to its original state/form) it back into yogurt form. While they were pretty sweet and sugary, I could see myself adding these to my kids “healthy” cereal as an occasional fun substitute for those nasty marshmallow cereals! I haven’t used the corn yet, but plan to throw it in my next batch of Chicken Tortilla Soup! And the blueberries…probably will use them in pancakes or muffins! Yum.

Overall, most of the products on there I can feel good about buying (personally, I’d avoid anything with hydrogenated oils, etc) but a LOT of their stuff looks great! Just check the ingredient list of items to be sure you feel good about what you are buying. I think they could be super duper handy to have on-hand for emergencies (think tornadoes, snow storms, earthquakes, times when your power goes out for extended times, or even for camping!). Their shelf-life is LONG and I love how it still retains the nutrients and vitamins.

She is giving away a #10 can of STRAWBERRIES to one lucky winner!!!! This is a $24.89 value for free.

So, here’s how to get 6 entries into the giveaway. For EACH action listed below that you do, add a comment to this post that tells me you did it (Example: add a comment that says “I liked Tracy’s Facebook site”, and/or another one that says “I left her a message with what I’d want to win”). Again, add one for EACH and EVERY action below that you did. Then, at the end of the week I will pick a winner using www.random.org .  Shop on her site and give something a try too! 

1. Go to her site HERE and click the Facebook button to “like” her site on Facebook.

2. Send her an email message from her site to tell her what looks yummy to you (after you look around, of course)!

3. Email the link to my site to 3 friends (1 entry per every set of 3 friends) –  the link would be http://realfoodeater.com

4. Follow me on twitter: @realfoodeater

5.  Shop and purchase something from Tracy’s site.

6. AND, last but not least, email her and tell her you’d like to host an online party. If you do this, you get another entry into the giveaway AND you get a free pantry can of one of the foods from her! (some stipulations will apply – such as actually holding the party, having  actual sales, etc).


p.s. If I had a bigger pantry or garage, I’d  also like their ideas of emergency food storage and food rotation systems:


                                                                                         Pantry version



Free-standing storage



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