I am a Real Food Eater! I am passionate about Real Food and I love sharing the benefits of it with others – what is is, where to get it and how to cook it. Through our own family’s experience, it is evident that when we eat real food we are healthier, have more energy and rarely get sick!

Now, I don’t believe we can extend the number of our days any further beyond what God has in mind for each of us, but I DO believe we can improve the QUALITY of our lives through eating real food. I also think that part of being good stewards of this earth is to support local and sustainable farms. And being good stewards of our bodies is just as important.

My goal is to help those who are new to eating real food – help you navigate through all of the information out there. I will share my own experiences, recipes I have either created or found from others, and resources on where to get real food. A common misconception is that eating Real Food is much more expensive than eating the processed, store-bought stuff. I hope to dispel that myth and give you great resources for food that is natural, mostly organic, whole, nourishing and REAL!

Oh, and you should know that my name is Melissa. I am married to my husband Bryan, who is a pastor, and we have 4  kids named Lucas, Levi, Julia and Andrew. We live in a quaint town just north of Grand Rapids, MI, and dream of having our own mini-farm someday. I welcome any comments, suggestions and questions as we travel this Real Food-eating journey together!



P.S. Oh, and you should ALSO know that if you ever invite me over for lunch/dinner, I will happily eat whatever you put in front of me (I’m not a COMPLETE food snob!). :-)