Real Food & Wellness E-book Bundle ($479 value for only $39!)

WOW, wow, wow!!!  Todd over at Primal Toad has put together a bundle of e-books for THIS WEEK ONLY. This thing is selling like hotcakes (2,000 as of last count!).

So, what is this e-book bundle?

– it’s 33 e-books with a total value of $479

– it’s on sale from Jan. 7- 14

– sale price of only $39, which is 92% off!

– and, it includes an entry into an EPIC giveaway of $1122


 I’ve read a few that are included and they are great! A few of my favorites are:




Plus so many more!

If you are curious about any of the following topics you DEFINITELY want to take advantage of this incredible sale!

*healing PCOS          *having a nourished baby       * learning more about the Paleo lifestyle    

*ramping up your metabolism     *teaching your kids about Real Food     *stocking your pantry with Real Food    

*making dairy-free ice cream    *learning how to lacto-ferment anything     *make real food smoothies    

and TONS more!


But don’t just take my word for it, CLICK HERE TO CHECK IT OUT !!!

(he lists all the books that are included)!



I promise you won’t regret it.

Just think….you’ll never have to wonder what to read next!




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