Real Food & Wellness E-book Bundle ($479 value for only $39!)

WOW, wow, wow!!!  Todd over at Primal Toad has put together a bundle of e-books for THIS WEEK ONLY. This thing is selling like hotcakes (2,000 as of last count!).

So, what is this e-book bundle?

- it’s 33 e-books with a total value of $479

- it’s on sale from Jan. 7- 14

- sale price of only $39, which is 92% off!

- and, it includes an entry into an EPIC giveaway of $1122


 I’ve read a few that are included and they are great! A few of my favorites are:

“Nourished Baby” by Heather from


“Best of Grain Free Meal Plans” by Cara of


“Restocking the Pantry” by Kresha of


Plus so many more!

If you are curious about any of the following topics you DEFINITELY want to take advantage of this incredible sale!

*healing PCOS          *having a nourished baby       * learning more about the Paleo lifestyle    

*ramping up your metabolism     *teaching your kids about Real Food     *stocking your pantry with Real Food    

*making dairy-free ice cream    *learning how to lacto-ferment anything     *make real food smoothies    

and TONS more!


But don’t just take my word for it, CLICK HERE TO CHECK IT OUT !!!

(he lists all the books that are included)!



I promise you won’t regret it.

Just think….you’ll never have to wonder what to read next!