Should You Consider an Organic Produce Delivery?

Are you an investigator like me?

Sometimes I drive myself nuts. I get so busy looking into this and that and then I NEVER do anything about it. I’m trying to get better about this as I found that it just stresses me out and nothing changes.

I’m like that with fruits and vegetables.

Let me explain….

For a long time, I saw advertisements for local and non-local produce deliveries. The first time I looked, the place I wanted didn’t deliver to my address. So I kept looking.

Eventually, I heard from a friend or two (isn’t that the best kind of advertisement?) that they liked Doorganics. I had been using another great organic produce delivery that I was happy with, but I as I looked into Doorganics I found that they really aim to source as local as possible. I liked that.

And weirdly, I like that they use these cool green boxes. They deliver your goods in it and then the next week on delivery day you leave the green bin out and they leave your filled one.

I absolutely LOVE the fact that awesome fruits and veggies come right to my door every week (you can choose every other week, too).

I love that I can set my “likes” and “dislikes” so they don’t put them in my box AND that we can substitute out 4 items each time if we’d like. (For example: All summer I subbed out tomatoes EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. I was so sick of looking at tomatoes due to my own spazzy tomato plants.)


So, should you consider an organic fruit and veggie delivery?

Here are a few reasons why you may want to consider it:

1. You are busy.

Who isn’t? My goal is to go to the store almost never. I HATE going to the grocery store. It’s much more enjoyable to pick out my fruit/veggie menu from the comfort of my couch. In fact, I hardly have to pick them out. I get the list on Thursday, I look through it and sub out anything that I don’t need/want and VOILA! Produce shopping is DONE for the next week.

They even have OTHER products you can add to your box if you’d like…I’ve added organic, fair trade coffee quite often.

2. You value organic produce.

More and more folks are learning the benefits of eating organic. Not only will you be avoiding pesticides and toxins, but you’ll be supporting local organic farmers, too. I love that. And shopping for organic produce in local grocery stores can be difficult, lacking in variety and expensive.



3. You want to feed your family more fruits and veggies.

Again, who doesn’t want to do this? One thing having Doorganics delivery has done for me is to figure out creative ways to use the veggies. If you aren’t creative, don’t worry! They send a recipe in your bin each week and they have recipes on their site.

And you know what? Eating more fruits and veggies is linked with being happier. It also boosts your immune system and delivers antioxidants.

4. You want to save money.

This might sound silly, especially because the convenience of organic fruits and veggies delivered to your door has a cost. But hear me out…

Staying OUT of the grocery store saves me money. It prevents impulse-buying. Honestly, the more I can plan my meals and shopping, the better. It’s another reason I love being a part of a buyers club.

All of these reasons are why I love getting my veggies through Doorganics. If you’d like to give them a try HERE and you’ll get $5 off of your first box. If you don’t mind, put “RealFoodEater” when is asks who referred you! THANKS!

IF YOU LIVE OUTSIDE of the West Michigan area, try instead and see if they deliver to you!


Here are 2 other convenient ways to get more fruits/veggies into your bodies:

1. Concentrated fruits and veggies in a convenient capsule or chewable (kids 4 and over eat free with a purchasing adult). Contact me via email ( for details or to order and sponsor a child. All others can order at my Juice Plus Website.

2. Grow your own with an aeroponic Vertical Tower Garden System.


Top Photo Credit: Army Medicine via Flickr


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    November 24, 2014

    This is such a great idea! Unfortunately it looks like they don’t deliver in my area, but I’ve signed up so they can let me know when they do. I am part of a regular co-op right now, but I love the idea of being about to sub stuff we don’t like, and of having recipes for when the unknown shows up. Thanks for the info!

    • Leave a Reply

      December 4, 2014

      Thanks for stopping by! I hope they deliver to you soon. Keep checking around to see what might be near you!

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