Blueberry Picking (and a great new place to pick!)

GoodLandGrowersToday I took my kids blueberry picking. It was the perfect day – cloudy, not too hot and not raining. Per the advice of a friend, I went to a new farm – “Good Land Growers”. They take their name from the Bible: “For the LORD your God is bringing you into a GOOD LAND!” Deuteronomy 8:17  Super cool!

I spoke with one of the owners who told me this is the first year they have been managing the farm. The previous owners passed away and their son didn’t want it, so her and her husband and her parents bought it. There are 29 acres, 10 of them covered with blueberries. They will have tomatoes this year as well and hope to add strawberries next year. And the best part? No pesticides, herbicides or synthetic anything. You can eat them right off of the bushes with NO worries!

With buckets in hand (you don’t have to bring your own since they provide them!), we set out to pick. Here’s a picture of my kids which shows their personalities perfectly – one is swatting bugs (he’s afraid of them), one has the sun in her eyes and doesn’t look particularly excited, one is EATING them and the other is smiling nicely:

kidblueberriesI bribed encouraged them with a $1 prize to whomever picked the most. That worked for about 15 minutes.  I should have picked a prize for who ATE the most – my 3 yr old. When he brought me his bucket after AT LEAST 30 minutes of picking there were 10 whole blueberries in it. Wow.

The bushes were LOADED with berries, which made picking easy:

loaded bushes









While my kids found it more fun to eat them or chase bugs, I was able to pick double-handed with this smart set up (I tied my sweatshirt around my waist and then used it tie up my bucket). Brilliant!

bucketwaist I honestly don’t know how many pounds we picked (maybe 10ish?) but I do know it didn’t look like enough so I bought 10lbs more for only $3/lb. What a deal for unsprayed, chemical free blueberries. They said they’d be picking until mid-August, so there is plenty of time to make a trek out their way!

Oh, and what do I do with all of my blueberries? I freeze most of them on cookie trays and then transfer to freezer bags so I can pop them into muffins, pancakes, yogurt (and my mouth) all winter long!  And no, this isn’t all of them – not even close.

on trays

How about you? What do you like to make with blueberries? I need some good blueberry recipes!




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    Adrienne @ Whole New Mom
    July 27, 2013

    Hey there! This looks great! We are hoping to get out picking yet this year. How much were they for u pick? They’re a little far for us but it might work. Thanks for sharing!

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      July 27, 2013

      Hi Adrienne – I’m embarrassed to say I don’t think I even looked what was charged for the u-pick, but I think it was $2/lb. I know I bought some of the already-picked, UNsorted blueberries for $3/lb. We loved it – very kid friendly. Lots of weeds, but TONS of blueberries!

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