Food Freedom: A Look at the “Farmageddon” Movie (and What You Can Do to Help!)

I just returned from a showing of the “Farmageddon” movie. Wow. Even though prior to watching the movie I felt I knew a lot about the unfair things happening to

My Buying Club and What I Got in My Green PolkaDot Box Today! (plus the winner of the $25 Laptop Lunches giveaway!)

Many of you may know that I organize a local Buying Club. It has been a GREAT way to get higher quality food for better prices. Basically a bunch of

Coconut Banana Muffins – A Sneak-Peak Recipe from the upcoming Go Grain-Free Class (and LAST chance for her special pricing!)

I have a great sneak-peak recipe for Real Food Forager’s Coconut Banana Muffins. It’s one of MANY that will be featured in her upcoming class. AND, time is running out

Cooking Grain-Free: an Online Class

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you have probably noticed a lot of buzz in the food world about eating grain-free. The Paleo diet is one example of a

Want a Nourished Baby? You NEED to read this book!

Have you ever wondered what to feed your baby? First foods, second foods, and food allergies can turn any parent (especially first-timers) into a confused mess. Who do you believe?

Can you afford to eat Real Food? Here are a few tools:

Don’t you wish money grew on trees??? The question I get most often from those who are aspiring to eat Real Food is whether or not they can afford it.

My 7 Real Food Reads for 2012!

I recently splurged some of my Christmas money on some Real Food books….so now I supposed I better read them, huh?! I’m going to share my list with all of