“Well, at least it’s not measles…..” (a guest post)

  This is Brittnee’s story of her son and the MMR vaccine: “Well, at least it’s not measles…” My husband and I commonly use this phrase in our home every

Why I Love Juice Plus!

I’m not a big fan of multi-vitamins. But, I do know that sometimes we aren’t getting all of the nutrition that our bodies need from what we are eating. This

“30 Days Back to Health” Cleanse – (for local readers!)

Are you tired?              Bloated?              Fuzzy in the head?            Sluggish?             Achy?     Suffering from digestive issues or sleeplessness?    Or maybe just feeling generally unhealthy? I just began working for Dr.

Talking to Young Kids about Real Food

Last week, I was invited into my daughter’s first grade class to talk about Real Food. Her class is currently doing a unit which helps them think about a topic

How to Eat Real Food: Dump the Low-Fat

A walk around the aisles of any local grocery store will beg the question….. Are we scared of fat? There is low-fat cheese, low-fat milk, fat-free yogurt and fat-free salad

Fermented Food Help

What comes to mind when you hear “Fermented Foods”? Here’s where my mind goes: Sour.   Yogurt.      Hard-to-make.         Good for my body.             Probiotic.                 Sauerkraut.                      Overwhelming.

It’s Time to “Harvest Your Health”!

Harvest – it’s a word synonymous with this time of year. All sorts of pictures, smells and food come to mind when I hear it…. Dictionary.com defines it: har·vest [hahr-vist]

Essential Oil Safety and Usage – A guest post from a Certified Aromatherapist!

I’ve invited Lea Harris, Certified Aromatherapist to answer a few questions I have about Essential oils. I hope you’ll find it as helpful and informative as I did! Lea blogs

Make Your Own Organic Beauty Products!

We all have those people in our lives who, when it comes to gift-giving, are just hard to shop for. The receiver might be someone who “has it all” OR

Blended Family Food Challenges: Advice for a Reader/Friend

Can you help? Recently, a friend of mine shared a dilemma she is dealing with. Her husband has children from his first marriage who spend time at their home on

What’s the Big Deal about High Fructose Corn Syrup?

High Fructose Corn Syrup is the current easy target for Real Food eaters everywhere. But why? Are you wondering whether to believe the corn producers who say your body processes

My 6 New Year Real Food Goals

I have been thinking that I should make some Real Food goals for this next year. I mean I’m exercising, I’ve gotten rid of my Carmel Latte non-real-food splurges, and

Why We Take Cod Liver Oil (and how to get your kids to swallow it!)

***UPDATE: As of August 2015, I no take Fermented Cod Liver Oil. Here is why: http://realfoodeater.com/new-fermented-cod-liver-oil-dangers/ I have chosen to use THIS regular cod liver oil or a Vit D3

DIY Organic Beauty Products (great gift ideas – or treat yourself!)

This post really has NOTHING to do with food, but doesn’t that look good enough to EAT??? It’s actually one of the “recipes” from Mommypotamus’ new book called DIY Organic

Staying Healthy with the Change of Seasons – Advice from a local Natural Health Practitioner

This is a guest post from a local Natural Health Practitioner that I know. Enjoy her tips! It’s that time of year when temperatures start to drop and the days