Traditional Recipes Bundle – Help for Eating Real Food!!!

Are you new to real food and wish you had more healthy recipes…including snacks and money-saving ideas? When someone asks, “What’s for dinner?” do you have an answer? Is it

Blueberry Picking (and a great new place to pick!)

Today I took my kids blueberry picking. It was the perfect day – cloudy, not too hot and not raining. Per the advice of a friend, I went to a

How to Freeze Fresh Beans

Are you up to your ears in beans??? Personally, I didn’t plant many this year ( I got a little lazy), but not to fear! My dad, the crazy gardener,

How to Eat Real Food: Read Those Labels!

Ok folks, I promised this one would be easy and it is. I actually should have made this Step 1, but better now than never, right? Probably THE MOST important

How to Eat Real Food: Get Rid of Aspartame!

Are you ready? You should be, but if not, go back and read my intro post called “How to Eat Real Food: Get Ready!” I know some of you are

How to Eat Real Food: Get Ready!

The world of Real Food is such a hard one, isn’t it? I mean, you finally get up the gumption to make a switch after learning WHY it’s a good

My 6 New Year Real Food Goals

I have been thinking that I should make some Real Food goals for this next year. I mean I’m exercising, I’ve gotten rid of my Carmel Latte non-real-food splurges, and

Top 10 Christmas Gifts for Real Food Eaters

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! I love giving gifts, don’t you? If you are looking for ideas for yourself or for a Real Food Eater on your

DIY Organic Beauty Products (great gift ideas – or treat yourself!)

This post really has NOTHING to do with food, but doesn’t that look good enough to EAT??? It’s actually one of the “recipes” from Mommypotamus’ new book called DIY Organic

Real Food Made Quick (and Easier!) – My Guest Post at Gutsy!

As much as I love feeding my family Real Food, a big challenge of eating Real Food is figuring out how to NOT be in the kitchen all day preparing

Canned Salsa Recipe (with simple canning instructions)

I am just about sick of dealing with tomatoes, aren’t you? I love them, I really do. But by the middle of September after I’ve stewed, sauced, dehydrated, chopped, pureed

What to Do with ALL Those Cherry Tomatoes

It’s that time of year when the tomatoes start going crazy in the garden. Those bigger tomatoes are easy to cook up and make into tomato sauce, pasta sauce or

Preserving your summer veggies!

If you have a garden, you know how much work it is to get it ready, plant   the seeds, water it, and weed it. Then, if you are lucky,

Kale Chips!!!

If you have visited a farmer’s market in the last several weeks, you’ve probably noticed lots and lots of KALE! And, if you are like me, you start to wonder

The BEST Homemade Sauerkraut Recipe!

Have you ever wondered  about the lost art of preserving produce? Long before refrigerators, people knew how to preserve produce to eat throughout the winter. Nowadays, this topic is hardly talked about