20 Real Food Snacks for Kids

Okay, you guys. If you have kids, then you know the TORTURE that is hungry children who need food NOW. At our home, this primarily happens after school. I mean,

After-School Snacks, a Confession and My Upcoming Series

If your kids are anything like mine, they come home from school STARVING. It’s like they haven’t eaten all day (when I know they have). After school snacks can be

Talking to Young Kids about Real Food

Last week, I was invited into my daughter’s first grade class to talk about Real Food. Her class is currently doing a unit which helps them think about a topic

Simple Egg Salad

Eggs are an awesome source of protein. Not all of my family members like egg salad sandwiches, but for the ones that do, this recipe has been a hit! It’s

Blended Family Food Challenges: Advice for a Reader/Friend

Can you help? Recently, a friend of mine shared a dilemma she is dealing with. Her husband has children from his first marriage who spend time at their home on

Blueberry Picking (and a great new place to pick!)

Today I took my kids blueberry picking. It was the perfect day – cloudy, not too hot and not raining. Per the advice of a friend, I went to a

Are you feeding your kids “Kid Food” or “Real Food”???

Okay, so I know this post is not anything about anything coconut like I promised, but I wanted to throw out a great article I just read. It challenges you

Fall Farm Tour – Grassfield’s Farm

I think there is nothing better than seeing and learning about where your food is made and where it comes from! We had the fun opportunity to do just that

Natural Immune Boosters!

Well, its that time of year when the flu and viruses start flying around! I thought I’d share a bit of what I’ve learned about natural ways to boost your