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20 Real Food Snacks for Kids

20 Real Food Snacks for Kids

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Okay, you guys. If you have kids, then you know the TORTURE that is hungry children who need food NOW. At our home, this primarily happens after school.

I mean, when you are attempting to eat Real Food, THIS torture, this whining-crabby-I-need-food-now-complaining can about put you over the edge and into fake food world.

Please tell me I’m not the only one.

While cut-up plain fresh fruits and veggies are always a great option, sometimes you need to switch things up a bit.

I asked some of my fellow Real Food bloggers to help me out with Real Food snack ideas for school and after-school and here’s what I got. I didn’t take the time to write descriptions or details for each because their pictures are AWESOME! If you see one that look good, just click on the picture and it will take you to their site and their recipe.

Who knows, you might even find a few new pages to follow!






































How about you? Do you have any Real Food Kid-friendly snacks to share?

Please comment below!



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After-School Snacks, a Confession and My Upcoming Series

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If your kids are anything like mine, they come home from school STARVING. It’s like they haven’t eaten all day (when I know they have). After school snacks can be a problem…as in they start eating them and don’t want to stop.

I usually try to have some healthy choices and maybe one “unhealthier” option (like homemade cookies) available for when they come home.

This is one of the fun ideas I’ve seen floating around which my kids LOVE (in fact they are having this today when they get home):

muffin tin snacks

Basically, you fill muffin cups with a variety of healthy snack options. It helps kids have choices and the way it’s set up makes them WANT to eat healthy food! At least I’ve found that to be true with my kids. (Pictured are fresh veggies/fruit, gluten-free nut/seed crackers, cashews and homemade hummus.

Feeding your family Real Food can be time-consuming – it’s obviously not as convenient as opening a bag of chips and cookies and putting them on a plate. Taking steps in the right direction is what counts.

Will any of us be perfect all the time? Nope. IN fact, around my house we follow the 80/20 Rule of Healthy Eating. You gotta live a little, right?

ice cream

Speaking of the 20%, we’re having store-bought tortellini for dinner tonight. With jarred spaghetti sauce. Yum.

See, I’m not perfect. I DO try to find better versions of these “non-real” foods for occasional eating, but sometimes ya gotta give your self a little break. Keep things real(ish).

Speaking of the difficulty involved in feeding your family Real Food, I’ve polled some of my friends on my personal Facebook page to see what sorts of roadblocks they have in consuming Real Food. My series will focus on the challenges they shared and some solutions I’ve come across during our real food journey.

I hope you’ll stick around to read them! If you’d like to sign up to get my newsletter (I’ll send it out about once a month with some highlights, tips, extra stuff), please sign up over on the right column. You can sign up for blog post updates as well so that you never miss one!

How about you, what are the challenges that stop you from feeding your family Real Food most of the time? I’d love to hear from you and incorporate them in my upcoming series!

For more info on feeding kids Real Food, check these out:

Nourished Baby (e-book) – focuses on what to feed babies as they transition to food and the latest research on food allergies, etc.

Real Food For Real Life (without going crazy) – practical advice and info on eating Real Food in today’s crazy world




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Talking to Young Kids about Real Food

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classroomLast week, I was invited into my daughter’s first grade class to talk about Real Food. Her class is currently doing a unit which helps them think about a topic they are experts on so they can doing their “writing workshops” on the topic. Knowing that I am passionate about Real Food, she asked me to come and share with the kids!

So, I set out to talk to them about the importance of Real Food and healthy snacks (I’ll share some of our favorite snacks below!). I love our kids’ school and I’ve been impressed with some “policy” changes they’ve made in this area. Instead of birthday treats, they are encouraging kids to bring in a new or old book to donate to the library! AND, they are strongly suggesting that the morning snacks that kids bring are either fruits, veggies, cheese or meat. LOVE IT!

I only had about 20 minutes so I kept it pretty simple, as you’ll see. I thought I’d share the points I made so you can share them with the young kids in your life!

1. Use the example of a car.

I brought in a large toy car. And then I asked these questions:

Q: What does a car need in order to run?

A: Other than one kid who said “oil”, the overwhelming response was “GAS”! Exactly.

Q: What would happen if they put yucky, bad gas into the car?

A: It wouldn’t run right; it might quit; it might sputter. Yup.


2. Relate it to our bodies.

Q: What do our bodies use as fuel? What do we put into our bodies to make them work?


Q: What happens if we put bad fuel (food) into them?

A: They won’t work right; they’ll get weak.

Q: Exactly. So what are some ideas of BAD fuel for our bodies (we made a list of these where kids could see them)?

A: Ice cream, candy, cake, popsicles, Halloween candy, cookies, etc.

Q: How does your body feel when you put bad fuel into it?

A: Tired, sick, “lots of energy” and then no energy.

Q: What are some examples of GOOD fuel? (Again, made a list that they could see)

A: A long list of fruits, veggies, meat and other whole foods.

Q: And how does your body feel when you put good fuel into it?

A: Healthy, lots of energy.

I told them that not only do our bodies work best with GOOD fuel, but so do our brains.


3. Share some snack ideas.

Since there were no peanut allergies in the class, we made Ants-On-A-Log for a snack (I had a dish of all-natural peanut butter, a dish of raisins and a plate of celery on each table).

After I was done, it was actually their snack time and many of them came up to me to show me their healthy snacks (cheese and fruit, veggies, etc). It was so cute and they were so proud!

traffic light

*One idea I didn’t use but have heard about is to use the example of a stop-light (this probably would work best with mid/upper-elementary aged kids). You’d help them brainstorm:

Green Light  = anytime foods

Yellow Light = sometimes foods

Red Light = never foods

Here are some of my kids’ favorite snacks:

Ants-On-A-Log: celery topped with peanut butter and raisins (ad some shredded coconut for “Ants-On-A-Snowy-Log!)

Organic Non-GMO Corn Tortilla Chips with Guacamole or with Homemade Salsa

Energy Balls (THESE are our favorite and you can change to your tastes/needs)

Homemade Hummus with veggies

Homemade Popcorn (using coconut oil, drizzled with real butter and salt)



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Classroom Photo

Traffic Light Photo

Simple Egg Salad

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finished egg saladEggs are an awesome source of protein.

Not all of my family members like egg salad sandwiches, but for the ones that do, this recipe has been a hit!

It’s super easy to make and is perfect for picnics, easy school lunches or a protein-packed lunch for busy days.

Here’s my hard-boiled egg method: I get the water boiling, add the eggs and set the timer for about 8 1/2 minutes, continuing to boil them during that time. Then I drain the hot water, add cold water directly to pan and peel each individual egg under running cold water for quick and easy peeling!

The “secret” ingredients are SUGAR (just a teaspoon) and turmeric. I’ve been reading a lot about the incredible spice that turmeric is. You can read more about it here: “600 Reasons Turmeric May Be the World’s Most Important Herb”.



6 hard-boiled eggs

1-2 Tbsp finely chopped white/yellow onion

1/4 cup plus 1 Tablespoon homemade or organic mayonnaise

1/2 Tbsp mustard

1/2 tsp dried dill

1/4 tsp paprika

1 tsp organic cane sugar

salt and pepper to taste

1/4 tsp turmeric  *optional, just added for it’s super-healing benefits!



1. Hard-boil your eggs.

2. Place peeled eggs in bowl and use fork and knife to slice into small pieces.

3. Add other ingredients and mix well.

4. Taste, adjust ingredients as needed – then spoon onto bread.



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Traditional Recipes Bundle – Help for Eating Real Food!!!

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Are you new to real food and wish you had more healthy recipes…including snacks and money-saving ideas?

When someone asks, “What’s for dinner?” do you have an answer?

Is it “the same old?”

The Traditional Recipes Collection is here to help!!!

With 17 books, over 800 recipes and ideas, worth over $150 for just $14.97, this collection is an amazing deal. But, it’s available for 5 days only, from Tuesday, Sept. 17 through 11:59 PM on Saturday, Sept. 21. (There will be no late sales.)

Please see the fine print at the bottom for all sale details. With one simple purchase, you can get access to 17 different books from prominent and up-and-coming real food bloggers. There are book to teach you include more healthy ingredients, to save time, to save money, to create food that goes with you, to make desserts and holiday dishes, and so much more.

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Here are the Books that are included:


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One month FREE premium membership to Tradishen. Your premier 100% real food recipe and meal planning site.





In addition to the already awesome package we have here, one lucky reader is going to get the chance to win a Healthy Surprise box! If your family struggles with snacks, this company offers packages of healthy snacks that are delivered to your door once a month. There are three box sizes with different amounts of snacks in them. These snacks are all allergy-free (top 8), grain-free, vegan, and mostly organic. They’re appropriate for almost any family!  No purchase necessary to  $75 value “Healthy” Healthy Surprise snack box




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Blended Family Food Challenges: Advice for a Reader/Friend

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potato chipsCan you help?

Recently, a friend of mine shared a dilemma she is dealing with. Her husband has children from his first marriage who spend time at their home on some weekends and for parenting time throughout the year. She needs some help knowing how to handle this unique situation where their non-custodial children/step-children come from a processed-food house into a non-processed food house. As you can imagine, there are some big challenges.

She writes:

“I think that my step son nearly starves when he’s here because our syrup is different and our waffles are different and he doesn’t eat fruits and vegetables or rice/noodles without the processed stuff added. Honestly, it makes me a bit crazy, because the rest of us eat a (mostly) unprocessed diet and I don’t want to have processed food stocked in the house just for him….it goes against what I want to teach the whole family.”

Ugh. I can only imagine how hard this must be. She goes on to add:

“I plug in as many “comfortable” yet healthy meals as I can while he’s here (tacos, burgers, plain chicken), and I continue to challenge him to eat what we have.  I do buy a few late-night junk food snacks for him, but cringe when I put those foods in my basket.   I hope that eventually, when he can make his own choices as an adult, he’ll have an awareness of what’s healthy and what’s not.”

I guess the challenge would be that you’d know he was going back to his mom’s house and eating junk. I think a lot of kids would balk at eating “real food” if they weren’t used to it. Our 9-yr-old adopted son stared at his plate in disbelief MANY times once he came to live with us.

But now? He’ll gobble up most anything I make.

I DO think Real Food is an acquired taste. Our mouths have been duped to think that fake food is the best-tasting food there is. And by now, hopefully you’ve realized that the REASON junk food tastes “good” is because it’s loaded with taste-bud-fooling chemicals like MSG to trick our brains. Learn the importance of reading labels on a recent post I did.

I wonder if just inserting little facts about Real Food would help. Or mentioning things like “how do you feel after eating a bag of Doritos”?  It might be futile, though, as he may not realize just how yucky he feels since it’s all he knows. And while I don’t have teenagers (yet), I can only imagine how difficult “reasoning” with them would be, especially if they don’t live with me 24/7.

OR, how about buying some better alternatives to the junk food for him? For instance, if he likes potato chips, maybe he’d like these that are made with olive oil (or avocado oil) instead of nasty chemically processed ones:

That way my friend could still feed him with some of her Real Food integrity intact.

What about you, readers? What advice do you have for my friend? I know she’ll appreciate any tips you can offer!! Please comment in the section below!


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