My October 2016 Meal Plan

We’re not quite halfway through October yet and I’ve got my October Meal Plan to share with you (I’m doing better than last month!) As you will see, there are

September 2016 Meal Plan

As we’ve gotten back into the swing of school and sports schedules, I made a pact with myself to make a September Meal Plan and one for upcoming months as

Are You Ready for a Spring Cleanse?

I just got done eating pizza. Not the homemade, no-junky-ingredients, semi-healthy kind. The kind from the local pizza joint. UGH. A time or two each year I get that sluggish,

Meal Plan Monday – 4/11/16

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve done my Meal Plan Monday…so it’s time to back into it. We just got back from spring break in Florida, where it was

Meal Plan Monday – 3/14/16

I’ll be honest…. Sometimes I REALLY, really do not want to meal plan. Especially on a Sunday night after I’ve been on-call for my RN job all weekend and am

Meal Plan Monday – 3/7/16

It seems that Spring is just around the corner! The snow is melting here in west Michigan and temps in the 60’s are being forecasted! Even so, at least one

Meal Plan Monday – 2/29/16

Happy Monday! With my recent Meal Plan Monday posts, you might have realized that I don’t really plan out breakfasts or lunches at our house. Honestly, I would be overwhelmed

Meal Plan Monday – 2/22/16

Whew, I’ve been out of the meal plan habit for a couple of weeks. Nothing makes the start of a week feel better than being organized and having my meals

This Week’s Meal Plans – 1/11/16

One simple thing you can do to be sure your family is eating more Real Food is to plan out your meals. Personally, that means I map out a months’

This Week’s Meal Plan

Happy New Year Everyone! I’m going to keep things simple and get back to the basics. I am constantly reminded at how few of us REALLY, truly understand the power

Frugal Real Food Meal Plans

If you’ve been following my Meal Planning series recently (see Step 1 and Step 2), then you know meal planning obviously takes some time and preparation. While making your plan

Meal Planning Step 2: Make a calendar

Okay, now that you have your recipe list made (see Meal Planning Step 1 if you haven’t already), now it’s time to plug them into a calendar. I’m a paper person,

Meal Planning Step 1: Getting Ready to Plan!

Meal planning can seem very overwhelming, can’t it? When I think of meal planning, I think of hours of my time, magazines and cookbooks piling up, stressful searching of the

5 Time-saving Tips for Real Food Eaters

Your time is valuable. My time is valuable. And making/eating Real Food takes time, creating a big dilemma: Do you sacrifice time in order to eat Real Food or do