Coconut series: Part 1 – Coconut Flour

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I can’t promise that my future posts will be so organized, but for the next couple posts I want to focus on coconut products. Aren’t you excited?! I am someone, who, prior to a few years ago THOUGHT I didn’t like coconut. But, as I used it in recipes like Mounds Bars and starting using coconut oil for baking, cooking, sauteing and as a supplement, I  became converted.

So, I’ll start with coconut flour. It is amazingly versatile. Coconut flour can be used in baking, added to smoothies, or used to thicken a sauce (like you would corn starch or arrowroot powder). And even better yet, coconut flour has some great health benefits:

– Gluten-free

– high in dietary fiber

– good source of protein

– low in carbs

– low glycemic index (won’t raise blood sugars very much – mostly due to the high fiber content)

– helps you feel full longer

I have always gotten my coconut flour from Tropical Traditions – and since I don’t use coconut flour too often, I store it in my freezer. It is important to store ANY flour you aren’t going to use right away either in the fridge or the freezer otherwise it will lose it’s nutritional value quickly. Most store-bought flour has lost any nutrients it DID have and is actually often rancid (I’ll get off my soapbox, but look for more on this subject another time).

As I was saying, I have always gotten my coconut flour from Tropical Traditions. They are actually having a sale on coconut flour through Oct. 13th (Thursday), so if you read this in time, hop on over to their site and check out their great coconut products  and coconut flour HERE.

In the meantime, here are a few more tips:

* Since coconut flour retains some of the sugar from the coconut meat, less sweeteners are needed when baking.

* Due to its high (19%!) protein content, a scoop of it is a great addition to smoothies where extra protein is the goal!

* To increase protein to baked goods you can substitute 10-30% coconut flour in recipes where a wheat-based flour is called for.

Tropical Traditions has a lot of great recipes using coconut products on their website – click on any ORANGE highlighted words above to be taken to their site!  If you give any of their recipes a try, please leave me a comment and let me know what you liked! I just made their Coconut Chocolate cake and it was yummy….and you don’t feel as crummy after eating baked goods made with coconut flour because of the high protein/fiber content and the way it doesn’t raise your blood sugar like other processed flours will do! I also tried a recipe for GLUTEN-FREE coconut flour brownies over at the Mennonite Girls Can Cook blog (isn’t that a great title for a cooking blog?)

Have fun experimenting with coconut flour – and please let me know what you’ve made with it!!!

 *Thanks in advance for any purchases made through links in this article  – Tropical Traditions does compensate me a bit for referring new customers to them!


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