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What comes to mind when you hear “Fermented Foods”?

Here’s where my mind goes:




        Good for my body.





Fermented foods are LIVING foods. Goodness, it’s one more person thing to keep alive! And although the BEST Homemade Sauerkraut is really quite simple to make, that’s about the extent of my fermenting experience around here.

My 6 New Year Real Food Goals for the year included making more fermented foods. I’ve pretty much failed at that goal. although I suppose the year isn’t over yet!

I feel like Fermented Foods can be really, really overwhelming. And I’ve had a lot of you ask me more about them. This is just a subject I don’t feel like I know enough about, so I thought I’d point you to a few resources.



books1. An Online Class (which is currently on sale!)

Jenny of Nourished Kitchen has put together a comprehensive class called “Learn How to Ferment Anything: The Full & Complete Guide to Preparing Probiotic, Live-cultured Fermented Foods at Home.

What’s included?

  • Each one of the 13 workshops on fermented foods contains instructional videos so that you can stop guessing at proper technique and see exactly how to prepare your own yogurts, kefir, chutneys, lactofermented condiments, sauerkrauts, fermented vegetables, pickles and more from your kitchen.
  • Easy-to-follow print tutorials guide you through making fermented foods step-by-step.
  • Fact sheets and trouble-shooting tips help you to know how to keep your ferments safe, free from contamination and healthy for your family.
  • Tips and guidelines help you ferment safely and effectively in closed systems, jars, crocks or any equipment you have on hand.
  • You will have my personal email address so that you can shoot me your questions any time and get those questions answered.
  • Regular conference calls enable you to ask questions, engage in meaningful discussion and get personal attention so you feel completely confident in the fermented foods you make at home.
  • Plus you have lifetime access – go through the videos, recorded calls and downloads anytime that suits you, as often as you need, whenever you need. – from the “Learn How to Ferment Anything” Class page

That pretty much seems like anything you’d ever need in order to make fermented foods/drinks/condiments at home! It’s currently on sale, so CLICK HERE to learn more.



real food fermentation2. A Book

“Real Food Fermentation”, by Alex Lewin, is probably the most beautiful fermentation book I have seen. I have it on my shelf and I really should use it. The pictures and recipes are so delicious-looking, plus he does a lot of teaching throughout which I appreciate. I also love that the recipes are for smaller quantities, not huge crocks full of veggies. CLICK HERE to take a look at it.




Cultures banner3. An Online Store

The Cultures For Health store is the best place to purchase high-quality cultures for fermenting or for making cheese, kombucha, kefir, etc. They have $3.99 flat shipping rate. AND, their site has so many helpful How-to’s, recipes and videos. CLICK HERE to visit their site.



I know Fermentation and Culturing are difficult things to get started with. Hopefully these resources will be of help (since I can’t!). Maybe we can learn along the way together?


What is one fermenting or culturing project you would like to do?

I’d love to hear from you, so leave a comment below!



Disclaimer: This post includes affiliate links which, when clicked and/or a purchase is made can earn me a commission. Also, I am not a doctor so please consult a qualified practioner for advice.




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