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One of VERY my favorite Real Food sources when I lived in Washington state was Azure Standard. When I moved to Michigan, I was sad to find out that they didn’t deliver this far east. Happily, they now DO deliver here and I have definitely been taking advantage of this great resource!

In fact, about 6 months ago I started a Azure Standard drop point near me. I’ve been thrilled to get additional organic, whole food options delivered monthly. Some of my favorites are: frozen organic sprouted english muffins, sprouted bagels, organic cream cheese, organic sour cream, organic frozen fruits and veggies, olives, Annie’s organic mac & cheese, personal care items, condiments, skin care items and organic produce! They have flours, dried goods, refrigerated and frozen items, kitchen items, too.

They literally have over 10,000 natural and organic options to shop from. You can see the variety of items they offer here on their website.

If you are not familiar with Azure Standard, you can see read more about Who They Are. Their Core Values are also impressive! I feel good using Azure as one of my food sources because of their food philosophy and practices.

Azure warehouse

This is a picture of their warehouse! They package each person’s orders separately and deliver all of the orders to the designated drop point. It’s a very convenient way to get high-quality organic and natural products!

How it Works

To order from Azure, you will need to either 1) Join an already-established group near you, or 2) Start your own!

If you’d like you can earn more about Azure at How it All Works. The first step of either option is to set up your own account with them!

Joining a group is easy!

Go to Find a Drop to see if there is a Drop Point near you. If so, Azure can connect you with that group’s coordinator. You will then set up an account with them and be linked to that drop. There are due dates monthly for when orders “close” and pickup is usually a week later at a designated pickup area – often it’s a church parking lot or other public area. The coordinator can let you know details.

Starting your own Drop Point is easy, too!

You can find out how to Start Your Own Drop Point here. It lists exactly what you need to do and a contact number at Azure! Being a Drop Point Coordinator doesn’t take a lot of time. Initially it was just about getting the word out to friends and family. Azure’s Drop Coordinator marketing info and resources made that easy. Then, its just an email or two a month to remind people about ordering and pickup! Super simple. As the coordinator you also need to be the one to meet the truck in the parking lot on pickup/delivery day to sort of “direct traffic”.  Azure also gives Drop Point Coordinators “Azure Gratitude” credit to use towards their orders based on their groups total order amount.

Now, between Azure, my Buyers Club, Doorganics and the occasional order from Thrive Market, I almost never have to go to the store!

If you are local to me (west Michigan area), feel free to join our Drop Point #D798481! We’d love to have you join us.

*Update: Several of you have asked about fees. The ONLY fees associated with Azure is that they add an 8.5% fuel surcharge to each individual order that is in one of these states/areas: AL, AR, CO, FL, GA, IA, ID, IL, IN, KS, KY, LA, MI, MN, MO, MS, MT-east of Missoula, NC, ND, NE, NM-east, OH, OK, SD, TN, TX, UT, WI, WY.


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