March is “Go Green” Month!

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Each month here on the blog, I will be having a theme for us to focus on. It will be something that will help all of us make One Simple Change during that month to improve our health. I don’t know about you, but when I can just focus on one change at a time it is MUCH more likely to “stick”.

For March, we will be focusing on “Going Green”. Not in the traditional way of using “green” products (which I totally support!), but rather getting more GREEN food in our bodies.

Now, that does NOT mean eating more Shamrock Shakes! We will instead be focusing on more green veggies!

Practical ways to add more greens to your diet:

Eat more Salads. Adding a side salad to your lunch or dinner is an easy way to get more greens. I grow extra greens all year round in my Tower Garden. It’s perfect for cutting a quick bowl of greens for a meal, adding a few extra veggies and homemade dressing. Strive to add a green veggie to each meal!


This is my Tower Garden! It’s currently in my basement with grow lights, but in the spring it will be out on my back porch!


Eat more smoothies. Greens are easy to “hide” in smoothies! I regularly add Swiss Chard, Spinach and/or Kale to my smoothies and can’t even taste them. Spinach is especially taste-less in these. My kids never know that it’s in there – I blend it right up in my refurbished Vitamix and it’s magically hidden!



Dehydrate the greens and add them to recipes. I have done that most often with kale from my garden. I had to come up with some sort of solution after I planted WAY TOO MUCH of it in my outside, traditional garden two summers ago. It is super easy to make a kale powder to add to things like soups, spaghetti sauce and smoothies. Again, it ends up hidden and no one knows it’s in there.


What are some of the ways you get green veggies into your diet? I’d love for you to share below!



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