Meal Plan Monday – 2/29/16

Happy Monday!

With my recent Meal Plan Monday posts, you might have realized that I don’t really plan out breakfasts or lunches at our house. Honestly, I would be overwhelmed if that were the case. Mostly, we just do leftovers for lunches and I make my kid’s school lunches based on what is in the fridge on any given day.

For breakfasts, we often do one of these Real Food Breakfast Ideas. I hope that these weekly dinner plans are helpful, however! I know sometimes I can get stuck in a rut so maybe my recipe links will give you some fresh ideas.

*Plus, all meal links below can be made egg, dairy and wheat-free. Currently my daughter is needing to avoid all of them so I make our dinners accordingly.

Our dinners for this week:


Monday: Salmon Melts, Zesty Roasted Potatoes, veggie

Tuesday: No Hurry Vegetable Curry (crockpot) – serve over quinoa or rice

Wednesday: Tacos w/ Crockpot Refried Beans

Thursday: The Best Whole Chicken in a Crockpot (and then will make Chicken Broth)

chicken soup

Friday: Chicken, Veggie and Rice Soup  (using chicken from Thursday night)

Saturday: Homemade pizza (recipe coming soon)

Sunday: Leftovers and/or smoothies and popcorn


What are you having this week?! I’d love to hear. Please share your recipes or links below!


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