Meal Plan Monday – 2/22/16

Whew, I’ve been out of the meal plan habit for a couple of weeks. Nothing makes the start of a week feel better than being organized and having my meals planned.

Here is our dinners for this week:

Monday: Baked Potatoes w/ toppings (crumbled bacon, cheese, broccoli, chives, tomatoes, etc)

Tuesday: Chili w/ cornbread

Wednesday: Melissa’s Stir-Fry

Thursday: Weeknight Tandoori Chicken

Friday: Out for dinner to celebrate the closing of our house we just sold in WA state!

Saturday: Homemade pizza (our recipe to follow soon)

Sunday: Smoothies (water, flaxseed, frozen fruit, scoop of plant-based protein powder, spinach/greens) and popcorn (cooked on stovetop w/ coconut oil, drizzled with grassfed butter and real salt)


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