What Motivates YOU to Eat Healthy?

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Lately, I have had several chats with friends, acquaintances and Facebook friends about their health or the health of their loved ones. It seems that so many of them struggle with obesity, heart disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, chronic diseases, frequent sicknesses and even cancer.

This caused me to consider motivation.

Are we motivated towards a healthier lifestyle and better eating only when we get a a “wake-up call” following bad lab results or tests, new or increased symptoms or a health scare?

Or are some of us motivated by having kids that we want to be around for as well as be able to keep up with? Are we motivated by the benefit of feeling better or even preventing the chronic diseases listed above?

From my own experience, health challenges in our kids are what caused MY motivation for making changes in what we put in (and on) our bodies. There were skin and digestive issues. As an RN, I knew that traditional western medicine would likely treat the symptoms and not get to the root of the problem. Common sense told me that getting to the root of what was actually causing the problem made more sense.

By nature I am an “information gatherer”.  I like to read, read some more, and then ask lots of questions. For me, that meant picking the brains of people who had already made the changes I was considering. I wanted to know what motivated them to make those changes? What health benefits did they notice? How did they logistically make those changes?

Because let’s be honest, making health, food and lifestyle changes often means more time and more money, right?

I used to be part of the crowd that thought nutrition didn’t make a whole lot of difference. I mean, we all know we should be eating more healthy foods….but junk food TASTES so good! Is the perceived sacrifice of eating healthier food worth it in the long run?

However, as I learned more about the incredible impact nutrition can have on our body, it motivated me. Knowing that skin and digestive issues CAN be reversed and/or healed through nutrition was a new idea for me. Learning that immune function can be boosted by giving your body what it needs to stay healthy was eye-opening.

And thus came my motivation.

I had a “WHY”. I had a reason. I had tools… all fueled by motivation.

I was curious what others were motivated by, so I asked the question on my personal Facebook page as well as my Real Food Eater Facebook Page. These were some of the answers I received:

“Stepping on a scale/trying on clothes”

“Reading the ingredient list of whatever I am eating”

“I want my kids to see me making healthy choices”

“I want my kids to be healthy now so they don’t struggle when they are older. I want healthy choices to come naturally to them”

“The health issues, weight issues,  and lifestyle that comes with not eating healthy is my motivator”

“I want to feel good now…and when I’m older”

I’d love for all of us to give some thought to motivation as it impacts healthy eating habits. Is motivation enough? What motivates YOU to eat healthy and to continue that healthy habit day in and day out?

Let’s continue the conversation below in the comments – I’d love your insight!


Photo Credit: Take Back Your Health Conference via Flickr


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    Kelly tbe Kitchen Kop
    June 7, 2016

    I think what’s cool is that even though junk food USED to taste good to me, now it tastes gross & fake or often has a chemical taste and real food tastes so much better!! Sometimes it takes a bit for your palate to come along, but once it does, and it was like this for me anyway & I was a junk-foodaholic, then you don’t even WANT the crap anymore! So now TASTE has become another one of many motivators to make me want to eat well! šŸ™‚


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      June 7, 2016

      YES! I have experienced the same thing. Not to mention knowing how those yucky foods will make me feel AFTER I eat them….that’s usually enough for me to make a good choice šŸ™‚ Thanks for commenting!

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