My Favorite Things from September

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Whew – September seems to have flown by. The kids are back in school (am I the only mom out there silently celebrating?!) and our days and weeks are back into a good rhythm. While I love summer and the freedom that comes with it, I also crave the regular schedule that the fall time and school year creates.

The picture on the left is also another great thing about early fall – beautiful heirloom tomatoes from Earthkeeper Farm. I have the privilege of “working” for them at their farmer’s market booth in my town. Their food is not only great to look at but is great to EAT! It’s organic and if you haven’t made the switch to organic produce, now is the time. They are currently doing sign-ups for next season’s CSA. Head on over to the Earthkeeper Farm site to get more info and contact them!

I also want to share some of my Favorite Things from the month of September!

• A common cry from vegetarians and vegans (I promise I am not picking on you if you are one of either of these) is that eating meat is not ethical, for a variety of reasons.  Check out this great article on Why It’s Ethical to Eat Meat and see if you agree. I know I do!

• Do you or your kids love tater tots? I know mine do but I never want to buy the nasty ones from the grocery store. Here’s a great solution for Homemade Tater Tots that look especially yummy AND easy to make!

• As you probably know, autism is in the news often. He’s a very interesting look asking the question Is Autism An Autoimmune Disorder?

• One of my big favorites that has raised a lot of eyebrows amongst Facebook followers is Butter Believer’s post on  3 Health Foods to Avoid. You might be surprised at this list.

• You may have guessed I am all about sharing good sources of Real Food and here is one of them! You might be surprised at what one Real Food blogger found in the form of Real Food at Costco!

• AND, to go along with my recent post on Raw Milk Reasons – Part 2: What is Raw Milk and Why Pasteurize It, this post shares some GREAT and shocking info if you Think Fat-Free Milk is Healthy.


If you have favorite Real Food related links you have found over the month, please share below so we can all go visit them!





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