My Garden is Going Crazy!

Oh my word. My garden is going crazy.

This is the first year planting at our new place, although it has been my parent’s garden for the last 27 years. My dad has a local farmer put manure on it each fall (and sometimes again in the spring). That combination, along with just plain GOOD SOIL, is the perfect formula for a garden that appears to be on steroids.

I have not fertilized, composted or done anything else to it other than weeding and watering.

My tomato plant section looks like a jungle. This is what was picked the last couple days – and it’s not even 1/4 of them. There are so many that aren’t even ripe yet:



I’m going to make about 40 pints of salsa for this next year. If you need a really great salsa recipe with some simple canning instructions, check out my Canned Salsa Recipe.

I will still probably have millions of tomatoes left after that, too, so I’ll be making the Tomato Sauce and Pizza Sauce from this great book:


My week will pretty much consist of preserving various tomato things.

On another vegetable note, my 4 year old picked this GIANT of a carrot last night, too:


That carrot was HUGE. My kids had so much fun shoveling out the carrots and seeing what shape they were. Some were long and some had several “legs”.

photo 3


And yes, there are still beans growing. I’m just going to ignore them…

How about your garden? Anything going crazy???





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