New Fermented Cod Liver Oil Warnings

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I’m back from my blog-free summer a little early to be sure you all have heard about the recent Fermented Cod Liver Oil mess.

In the past, I have recommended the Green Pastures Fermented Cod Liver Oil based on info from respected “real food” sources and related non-profits. However, I can no longer feel good about recommending it due to SEVERAL reputable persons and websites exposing some concerning and troubling information.

First and foremost, Dr. Kaayla Daniel (aka “The Naughty Nutritionist”)  has a pretty scathing report on some recent findings following her outside analysis of the Green Pastures products. You can read more here: where she also provides a link to download her 100-page report.

Secondly, my friend Kelly over at Kelly the Kitchen Kop wrote a blog post about it today. You can find that here:

Finally, I first came upon the info when I went to to get ready to put our food buyers club order together (we order from them several times a year.) There I found his announcement that they would no longer carry the Green Pastures cod liver oil. He has a summary of Dr Kaayla Daniel’s report, but to sum it up there are concerns that:

  1. The oil was rancid.
  2. The fat-soluble vitamins are not accurately reported.
  3. Vit K and Coenzyme Q10 were low, not anywhere near what was reported.
  4. The EPA/DHA ratio was very “off” of what is reported.
  5.  Evidence that a heated oil has been added to the product.

You can also read his summary here:

Cod liver Oil (non-fermented) has long been a dietary staple of healthy people groups. I can recommend that you take that, where there should be no worry of rancidity. Most are recommending the Rosita Extra Virgin Cod Liver Oil. Unless you are in my local food buyers club where we get a group/wholesale price, shopping at Perfect Supplements will give you good prices!


I’d love to hear from some of you, my readers. Have you been using Fermented Cod Liver Oil? Have you noticed any benefits? Have you had an problems with it?

I will aim to keep you all posted as more info comes forward!

I should add that this has made me VERY thankful for products that have regular, outside (third party) testing. Knowing what is IN your product is so important. It is also essential that what is ON the label is actually IN the product. That’s one of the reasons I love my “powdered produce in a capsule” (Juice Plus+) and their NSF certification. Learn more about Juice Plus+ and how kids can get theirs free here.


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