One Day Left – Don’t Miss Out on this CRAZY Ebook Deal!

Are you wanting to learn more about Real Food and Wellness? Do you hate trying to find good, solid info that you can trust as you surf the huge world of food-related blogs and websites? This “bundle” of books is the solution!

25 of the best, most informative and trusted food/wellness bloggers have joined together in this grouping of Ebooks that are available for immediate download.

BUT HURRY!!!!  There is only one day left in the “Toadally Primal Wellness Ebook Bundle”. The sale ends at 1159pm Monday night. I thought it might help if you could read some info and reviews on a few of the books included…..

1. Nourished Baby

If you have a kids or are thinking of having kids, this book is for you. You can read my review of Nourished Baby at my previous post. It’s excellent. Heather does a fabulous job giving you history and research on why you’d want to truly nourish your baby/kids using Real Food. She has practical tips and hints with good, sound advice.

There are even more books included in the bundle on similar topics such as how to have an “Unbound Birth” as well as homemade skincare recipes for babies!



2. Restocking the Pantry

Learn how to make your own condiments! Have you ever noticed the nasty ingredients in so many of the store-bought kinds? Yuck. Everything from ketchup, mustard and worcestershire sauce to mayonnaise, barbeque sauce, teriyaki sauce…and much more! Included are 55 recipes. I’m going to try the Salted Maple Whipped Cream next. YUM!

 Other books on topics such as lacto-fermenting and freezer-cooking are some of the other E-books too!



3. Real Food Nutrition for Kids

Yes, this really is for KIDS! It has kid-friendly lessons to teach them about Real Food and why your body needs it. I cannot WAIT to dive into this one. It has 15 lessons for elementary-aged kids, including coloring pages and activities to do in order to help them understand everything related to food (think digestion, nutrients, healthy fats, healthy meats, living foods, bone broths, sweeteners, etc).  It even has lessons on why you should “know your food” – where it comes from and who raises/grows it. If you homeschool this could easily become a part of your teaching, but this is excellent stuff for ANY parent to teach their kids about Real Food.

4.  Eat for Heat

I haven’t read this one yet, but it looks very intriguing. It’s basically info on a “Metabolic Approach to Food and Drink”. What does that mean? It about a way of eating (and drinking) to help your body work efficiently. Here are things you can expect from following author Matt Stone’s research/experience :

• Eliminate frequent urination and waking up at night to urinate
• Overcome frequent headaches, migraines, and seizures
• Increase body heat and body temperature to 98.6 degrees F and higher – also warming up chronically cold hands and feet
• Improve or eliminate anxiety completely, stabilizing mood
• Sleep deeper and longer, waking feeling more rested
• Enhance immunity and increase the speed of tissue renewal
• Eradicate heart palpitations
• Moisten your skin and hair, especially dry skin around the hands and lower legs and feet
• Eliminate dry mouth and excessive thirst
• Lower LDL, total cholesterol, and triglycerides
• Increase sex hormone production like progesterone and testosterone
• Be able to eat whatever you want, when you want, without gaining fat
• Strengthen bones and teeth

Wow, that sounds like it would be worth the read.


5. I Love Real Food Cookbook

This cookbook looks so yummy. All of the ingredients are “Real Food” and Paleo-friendly and the pictures will make your mouth water. I can’t wait to try some of her recipes – like Sweet Potato Carrot Salad with Bacon, Lemon Chicken on Roasted Vegetables,  Triffles, Sweet Potato and Shrimp Soup and Chocolate Cake!

I love that the beginning of her book talks about food as nourishment. Food should serve a purpose for our bodies/energy, but at the same time it also needs to be enjoyable – and delicious!!

There are also SEVERAL more recipe books included in this bundle, including cookbooks entitled: Paleo Crockpot, Cooking with Coconut Oil, the Wellfed Cookbook, Grain Free Meal Plans, and Beyond Grain & Dairy Cookbook….oh! And Paleo Smoothies and ice cream, too!


6.  Homemade Skin Care

If you’ve ever wanted to make your own skin care products, here’s your chance! There are SO many great things in this book, including how to make your own:

* face care and lip balm

* body scrubs and lotions

* shampoo and conditioners

and even….

* insect repellant and hand sanitizer!

Roxanne also includes great info on where to buy your supplies and how diet plays a role in your skin’s health and appearance. These are great recipes to make for yourself OR to make and give as gifts! What fun!

PLUS, this isn’t the only skin-related book in the bundle….there are 4 other great books on subjects like acne, skin compulsions, gift-giving body scrub recipes, and summer skin solutions (including how to make your own lip balm and even candles!


Remember, there are 33 books included and this is only a “review”

on 6 of them. CLICK HERE to be taken to the page that lists all of the

books and links to each of them!



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