One Simple Change: More Whole, Real Foods!

Happy May Everyone!

I am hoping you will all join me as we embark on a new focus here around Real Food Eater…

We’re going to do One Simple Change per month. Healthy Living can be so overwhelming, especially if you are new to making changes in your lifestyle. Making slow and steady changes will help ensure more lasting results AND habits!

Each month we will focus on a different area where we can make a simple change (sleep, water, exercise, etc).

For the month of May, we’re going to focus on Eating More Real, Whole Foods.

This means we will all be attempting to eat more food:

– without labels

– fewer ingredients

– not from a box

– not processed

Obviously, doing this 100% of the time may not be possible for everyone. But that’s okay. Even making some basic changes can go far! Focus on grocery shopping for things that are whole foods – fruits, veggies, fish, nuts, seeds, whole grains, whole milk dairy/yogurt/cheese.

Take a look in your pantry. Stop purchasing things that have lots of ingredients, especially if you don’t know what some of the ingredients even ARE! Replace them with healthier versions or something new.

We’re going to be supporting each other on this venture, so if you’d like to join us, you can come and request to be added to our Facebook Page HERE.We will offer encouragement to each other, share ideas and tips. If you come across an article, post or recipe that you would like to share, feel free to do that here or on our Facebook page, too! It will be very interactive!!!

I’ll be posting on topics that fit into our focus each month. The goal is for each of us to take steps towards our mutual goal each month. Some may be starting further along in their goal (maybe you’ve already removed a lot of processed foods, etc), and some may be brand new. Either way, my hope is we can do this TOGETHER!

Invite your friends, your family and those that you care about to join us here on the blog or the Facebook page!

A company whom I partner with has a great video (with one of my favorites, Dr. Sears), sharing about One Simple Change and some ideas for Eating More Real, Whole Foods:

While I’m not going to get “salesy” on here, our family really loves using Juice Plus+ for a lot of the reasons they mention in the video. If you’d like to learn more, visit my Virtual Franchise here. You can contact me through that page if you have questions or need more info.


Please join us! The more the merrier and each month we will focus on a different One Simple Change we can make towards better health!




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