Raw Milk Reasons – Part 1: Intro

Raw Milk. Over the last 4 years or so that we’ve been using raw milk, I’ve found that it is a food subject that elicits great fear – and opinions.

Have you heard or said any of the following?

“Raw milk isn’t safe.”

“Well, I hope your kids don’t get sick from drinking it.”

“I wish we could, but my husband would never let us drink raw milk.”

“Aren’t you worried about feeding that to your family?”

These are all comments I have heard from others when they find out we only use raw milk at our house. I’m not someone who goes around broadcasting the fact that we get our milk straight from the farm (and cow) as I’d rather not get into arguments. I like to keep things peaceful.

But, as I have become more educated and passionate about our reasons for choosing raw milk, I am now less inclined to avoid a discussion about it. In my experience, the fears and uncertainty people have about drinking raw milk is mostly due to a lack of information. I was in their exact spot many years ago. The thought of drinking fresh milk scared me…..and I probably could have made any of the above comments myself.

Over the next few weeks, I’m going to be interspersing a series of posts on Raw Milk – or as I like to call it “fresh milk” or even better, “real milk”!

I know some of my readers will already know a lot of the information I will be sharing. They are the very reasons you’ve already made the switch to Real Milk. But my assumption is that there are a number of you who are newer to the “Real Food” lifestyle and especially the idea of drinking milk fresh from the farm. Mainly, these posts will be for you.

I’ll cover topics like:

– the benefits of drinking raw milk

– the history of pasteurization

– where to find raw milk

– common questions/concerns surrounding raw milk

and probably a few more!

I would love to hear from you! Do you drink fresh milk? If not, why not? What are your fears or what info would you need to consider switching? If you DO, what do you appreciate about it? Leave a comment below – I’d love to incorporate these comments and questions into my upcoming blog posts!


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  • […] I was continuing to do research and watch our food. I had signed up for a free podcast on the internet based on REAL FOOD. I learned through one of the speakers about RAW milk and pasteurization. The expert spoke about how the lactose enzyme is actually killed in the process of pasteurization and your gut does not know how to digest it. Making most people become gassy, bloated and displaying general symptoms of ‘lactose intolerance’. I decided to find some raw milk and give it a go. At the time, I could only find raw goats milk and she was able to tolerate it well, but didn’t care for the taste. Our local co-op began to sell raw cows milk as pet food (but I later found out that they were grain fed cows). Not long after that a local farmer started selling raw cows milk at our local farmers market and we tried it! Can you say WOW? I can remember that huge taste difference. It was amazing and she had no stomach issues either! (Read more about raw milk here) […]

  • farmer_liz says:

    love raw milk too!  We have our own cow, but when she was dry I had to buy pastuerised milk (as its illegal to sell raw milk in Australia), it was horrible, we only used it to keep our kefir going….  now we have two cows, so that should never happen again :)

  • Guzzy says:

    I drink fresh raw goats milk & love it. This kind of works for me, no “bubble guts” so my body better absorbs it. No hacking up phlegm, which I noticed when I stopped drinking pasteurized milk. So it’s raw goat cheese & milk for me. Now of course you should get your milk from trusted sources & if possible inspect the operation yourself. I’m happy with my milk maiden, we get along great & have a similar goal/views.

    • @Guzzy This is great. It’s easy to forget that cow’s milk isn’t the only raw milk option out there. I know raw goat milk is a fabulous option too – and raw goat’s milk cheese is the BEST. Thanks for stopping by!

  • […] Part 2 of the article is is here ,and Part 1 can be found here. […]

  • billydean says:

    I live in Miami, Florida and have no clue where to buy raw milk, or how to keep it fresh and for how long?
    When I was young, milk would only be used for one or at the most two days, and then it would begin to go off.  Today “fresh” milk does not expire for a month or longer?

    •  @billydean Thanks for visiting – I’m going to be sharing in one of my upcoming blog posts more on the exact things you asked, but for now you can go to http://www.realmilk.com/where02.html#fl (I looked up the listing for Florida) and you can find out places near you. When you find a location, they should do a good job explaining how to keep your milk cool and safe. Our farm gives out this book to all new milk-share people: https://www.farmtoconsumer.net/EducationalSafeHandlingHanbook.asp

  • […] including where to find raw milk, cost, how to know if a farm is safe, etc. If you missed Part 1, click here to read it […]

  • […] 4. Lastly, check out Butter Believer’s great post on something a lot of people believe: Think Fat-Free Milk is Healthy? 6 Secrets You Don’t Know About Skim.  And if you are itchin’ to learn more about Raw Milk, you’ll want to follow my upcoming posts on this topic! […]

  • messica717 says:

    We started drinking raw goat milk first ( we were living in New Orleans and had to drive to Gulfport, MS to get it) because after the stress of Hurricane Katrina I couldnt nurse my daughter and she was alergic to every kind of formula. Also my husband, who was a food inspector in the Army, had to do send the store bought milk samples out to the lab for bacteria counts and content testing. When He told me the bacteria counts were higher than healthy on pasturized milk and they add oil and water to store milk i was disgusted. And that even though the levels were rediculasly high they weren’t allowed to pull it from the shelves. We moved to WA and goat milk is way more expensive but “real milk” is available at 5 farms with in 30 minutes. We have raised our 3 children on raw milk and though they get an occasional cold none of us really get sick. We will ONLY drink raw milk. 

    • @messica717 That is so great. Thanks for sharing your “story”. We lived in WA for 6 years and I loved how easy it was to come across real foods out there. Thanks for stopping by!

  • NickyMcCleery says:

    Melissa, you’re living in MI now, right? I’m interested in raw milk but I had heard it was illegal to sell in MI. That was the initial reason I’ve never looked into it. After that, would be cost. 

    • Hi NIcky – Yes, I live in Michigan (Rockford, to be exact). While it IS illegal to sell raw milk in Michigan, the way around it is to have a cow-share or milk-share program. There are MANY farmers in Michigan that do this – basically you buy a “share” of a cow, then you have access to their milk. I’ll share more details in upcoming posts.

  • CherylWestBlevins says:

    My family switched to real milk when my oldest developed a dairy allergy. My youngest was also about to switch from nursing to milk, and I wanted to feel that she was still getting the best nutrition I could possible give her. My oldest doesn’t have an allergy to real milk or yogurt, and my youngest is the healthiest of all three of my kids. I attribute some of it to her drinking strictly real milk her whole life. The rest of my family just likes the taste better.

  • LisaJoyOglesbee says:

    I can’t wait to see what you have to say!  We’ve been drinking raw (real) milk for almost a year now, and LOVE it!  Sometimes I forget the more controversial reasons for why we switched — all we think about now is how much better it tastes!  

    •  @LisaJoyOglesbee I know! It IS easy to forget the reasons why, but a lot of people out there have never heard this info that I’ll be sharing on why raw milk can be a safe, nourishing option for their families!

  • ash_hearts_cats says:

    We drink raw milk because our grandparents grew up drinking it, and they are ridiculously healthy. Grandpa H passed away in his home, completely independently living with his wife and with 100% mental clarity, at 99. Grandma H is still healthy as an ox at 95. Meanwhile almost every one of my friends (myself included) have at least one parent who’s had cancer… When we first made the switch to raw milk I was a little nervous, but after I tasted it (I hated milk before) I was a convert! I feel like the health benefits really outweigh the risks- kind of like how I still eat bagged spinach even though bagged spinach periodically gets recalled for listeria contamination.

    • @ash_hearts_cats This is awesome! Thanks for sharing your viewpoint – and I think you are right. If we ate stuff that our grandparents or great-parents would have recognized as food, we would be a lot healthier! Thanks for stopping by!

  • SherryMorris says:

    The only milk I drink is real milk…..organic, grass fed (100%)….I drink it, I kefir it, I clabber it, I turn it into all of the wonder things it can be turned into! I choose it because it is real, natural food. I appreciate the taste (mmmmmm) I appreciate the fact that it is usable for a very long time…..like I’ve heard said…..real milk doesn’t ever go bad……it just changes!

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