Real Food Fermentation Blog Tour and Book Giveaway (plus a recipe!)

I am so excited!!! I have been wanting this book for a while and now I get the chance to GIVE 2 OF THEM AWAY to lucky readers!

This giveaway is a part of a Blog Tour – meaning that today you are visiting my blog and tomorrow you’ll want to head on over to for her post and giveaway. The next day there will be another blog…and so on!

Now, don’t forget to read through to the bottom and then enter via the Rafflecopter for your chance to WIN one of 2 Real Food Fermentation books that I am giving away! PLUS, if you have questions for Alex, leave them in the comments below as he will be checking here and answering them personally. Isn’t that cool?


Check out what you’ll learn: 

—All the basics: the process, the tools, and how to get started

—A guide to choosing the right ingredients

—Sauerkraut and beyond—how to ferment vegetables, including slaw-style, pickles, and kimchi

—How to ferment dairy into yogurt, kefir, crème fraîche, and butter

—How to ferment fruits, from lemons to tomatoes, and how to serve them

—How to ferment your own beverages, including mead, kombucha, vinegar, and ginger ale

—A primer on fermented meat, fish, soy, bread, and more

—Everything you need to know about why the recipes work, why they are safe, what to do if they go wrong, and how to modify them to suit your taste

Alex Lewin has written a fabulous book on fermentation. This has been one area where I have been a little hesitant to venture into. Fermentation, at first glance, seems to be complicated, easy to mess up and time-consuming. Anything that seems overwhelming or that needs a lot of steps totally turns me off.

But, the way that Alex presents fermentation in his book makes me want to start fermenting everything! The pictures are gorgeous, his instructions are simple and straight-forward and he takes the guessing game out of the process. This book is EXACTLY what I needed to begin the venture into fermentation.

When I think of fermentation, my mind automatically goes to sauerkraut, right? There are actually lots of things that can be fermented. And fermentation can help make food more nutritious and digestible. It helps to make the minerals more available for our body to effectively use and absorb.

AND, Alex was kind enough to give us a sneak peek at one of the recipes! Check out his Fermented Carolina-Style Slaw (to the right) and instructions on how to make it below!


Now, doesn’t that make you want to start fermenting??? I thought so! Let me help you out – get entered to win one of 2 Real Food Fermentation Books below! And don’t forget to head over to tomorrow!

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  • JennaFBurris says:

    sauerkraut. I am from Wisconsin

  • eksummit says:

    I’m excited to see how they ferment dairy into butter!

  • FrugalWahms says:

    Pico de gallo

  • Creativemommy6 says:

    I would love to know how to make Creme Fraiche! I make Kefir now and have made saurekraut but haven’t expanded much beyond that in the world of fermentation. The pictures in this book are glorious! Being a visual learner I can’t do without pictures to entice me to making recipes:)

  • SuperGrover83 says:

    I’d be most interested to learn about the process of fermenting foods!  I love saurkraut and pickled foods, so it would be neat to know how it’s done!  Thanks for the giveaway! :)

  • ldibacco says:

    Love, love, love sauerkraut more than any gal really should!

  • etotschinger says:

    I would like to make Kefir.  It is so expensive in the store.  I checked out books from the library but never followed through.

  • DarleneW says:

    We love pickles and was recently talking about making our own. I would love to have this.

  • kec07d says:

    I’m interested in the pickles!

  • auntietina21 says:

    I would love to make homemade kimchi. My boyfriend misses the variety he used to be able to get when he lived on Oahu.

  • 1secretmommy1 says:

    My husband loves corn beef so that would be the first thing i would try.

  • plainoldsarah1 says:

    i love pickles and would love to learn to make my own.

  • JalynnPatterson says:

    My husband and boys LOVE sauerkraut so this would probably be the first thing I tried.

  • Andrea Reaves says:

    Would love to learn how to make sauerkraut and kimchi for my husband

  • HeatherCrapsey says:

    I really want to learn how to make kimchi, pickles, and cream fraiche! Honestly all of it sounds good, ever since I was introduced to korean food I have been way more open to fermented stuff.

  • Kristie D says:

    I would like to try the yogurt or corned beef. Yum yum!! kristiedonelson(at)gmail(dot)com  Thank you.

  • britibee says:


  • shullen says:

    I’ve heard of kombucha before but never made it.  This would be something I would love to learn how to make and am eager to get the recipe for!

  • Nonnahs says:

    I want to make the pico de gallo!

  • AngelaAnthony says:

    My sister-in-law has been fermenting for a few months already. I’d love to start and this would be great in helping me.

  • batgirlsuz says:

    I am looking forward to the sauerkraut recipe.

  • lovelydomesticdiva says:

    I want to learn how to make fermented mayonaise.

  • nlynnhunter13 says:

    I’m most excited about just learning to make fermented foods! Have been hearing a lot about them lately!

  • rssloneker says:

    I want to learn the fermented meat recipes and my husband wants to learn to make beer. We just bought an Amish farm and our mouths are watering over all the wonderful foods we are going to be able to grow and prepare.

    • Alex Lewin says:

      Awesome! Congratulations on your new place. I want an Amish farm too! :-)
      My book can get you started on corned beef, but you’ll want to look at other books for more meat stuff and for beer. My publisher has a couple of beer books that you might want to investigate: .

  • stampprincess says:

    Does your book cover coconut water kefir?

  • Ashley0713 says:

    I’m fairly new to fermenting my own foods, and would LOVE to have this book so I can really get into more.

  • thefarnz says:

    I’m interested in fermented drinks of all kinds.

  • thefarnz says:

    I’m interested in fermented drinks od all kinds.

  • MPaulaWhelan says:

    I want to make yoghurt, butter and kimchi … not necessarily in that order.

  • KristinaKCarlton says:

    Hi Alex,
    Does sauerkraut really need to ferment at room temperature for 12 weeks or are 4 weeks sufficient?
    Thank you!

    • Alex Lewin says:

      @KristinaKCarlton Hi Kristina.
      4 weeks are more than enough! In fact, for most people, 1 week at room temperature is great! My usual window is 4 days to 4 weeks. 12 weeks is awfully long! By the end of 12 weeks all the crunch will be gone. And the probiotic benefits probably peak some time before that…

  • ElizabethHullNienhuis says:

    I am just starting to get into this world and this book would help me understand! As far as the kombucha are there recipes for adding flavors and how to safely customize it or is it just how to ferment it?

  • MarilynBell says:

    I have tried just a tiny bit of fermenting & love it so far but I need more recipes. I’m kinda stuck, looks like this book will help.

  • KrisWeimer says:

    I am so in love with fermenting!!  Thanks for this giveaway!  Kris W.

  • Michele R says:

    I would love to win this book!!!  Now seeing the great step-by-step pics, would make this book even more awesome!  I’ve fermented sauerkraut before, but I think this would help me to expand to fermenting other veggies!!!  Thanks for an awesome giveaway!

  • audreyjens says:

    Kombucha! I have always wanted to try that.

  • MeredithEllen says:

    I need to start expanding my fermentation book library!!!!

  • rayrayb14 says:

    I am interested in learning about fermenting different vegetables and fruits.

  • April0101 says:

    I’m excited to read “When is food preserved?” I’ve had that question for a while! Thanks for the giveaway!

  • JenniferAlbanese says:

    I didn’t see the list of specific recipes, but I saw that the topic of meat fermentation is covered. This is one area of fermenting I have not ventured into. I would love to know more about this topic.

    • Alex Lewin says:

      @JenniferAlbanese My book has a basic corned beef recipe, and I talk a bit about some of the other fermented meat things we eat, but I don’t get very far into it. (So don’t buy Real Food Fermentation just for this–you may be disappointed!)

  • MaureenLefebvre says:

    It’s morning and still I’m drooling for that slaw! Loving fermentation and this book looks like a great way to learn more about it.

  • FreshStitches says:

    I’ve made sauerkraut and yogurt… but I’m very interested to read the variations and try cider! Looks like such an awesome book!

  • JanaKuiper says:

    That recipe looks tasty! I am all excited to learn more about this!

  • jstpetersen says:

    Melissa, I, too, feel overwhelmed by the idea of fermenting.  This book would be just what I need to kick my but in gear.
    Alex, I see all these cute sealed jars for fermenting on blogs (and in your pictures above).  What’s your prefered container for fermenting?

    • Alex Lewin says:

      @jstpetersen jstpetersen, good question about containers. Usually I use wide-mouth pint Mason jars. The wide mouth makes it easy to pack stuff in. The size is ideal for putting in the fridge or giving away to friends. You can throw them in the dishwasher (although the lids are better washed by hand). And when you’re not using them for fermenting, you can drink from them! Very efficient. Wide-mouth quart jars are good if you’re making bigger batches.
      The gasket jars are a little harder to clean and slightly less interchangeable. But they’re pretty.
      Pickl-It jars, and jars with airlocks in general, are great, because they can let off carbon dioxide without letting in air. So these can be good if you’re doing anything a little more temperamental–cucumber pickles, for instance, or any other sorts of whole vegetables.
      If you’re doing giant batches, then half-gallon, gallon, or even two-gallon cookie jars can be useful, or Harsch crocks. The drawback is that these are generally too large to fit in your fridge, so there’s no great way to stop the fermentation, unless you have a very cool basement, or you are a restaurant and have a walk-in fridge! 
      In summary: If I could only have one type of container, it would be wide-mouth pint jars!

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