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The holidays are coming! And you know what that means? Food, family, food, friends, food, food and MORE food!

If you are someone who has made the switch to eating Real Food, then you know how difficult it can be to stay on the Real Food “wagon” over the next month and a half. There are so many tempting things to eat that just frankly aren’t good for us.

Mostly, I can eat a few things here and there without feeling too badly, but I often can successfully avoid the really nasty, sugar-filled stuff by simply imagining how I will feel after eating it…yucky.

If you like to cook, bake or EAT (who doesn’t?) during the holidays, then you will be excited to learn about this online treasure from Jenny at Nourished Kitchen called Real Food for the Holidays!


Just imagine….

175 Real Food Recipes, 30 Holiday Menus, 30 Instructional Cooking Videos,  and 10 Workshops… 

…all focused on Real Food.

I can hardly contain myself!

Here’s what you’ll enjoy:

10 online workshops that cover simple and healthy food for the holidays

30 instructional videos showing hands-on techniques

175 Real Food Recipes for Thanksgiving, Hannukah, Christmas and New Years

♦ over 30 pre-planned holiday menus which you can mix-and-match

♦ most recipes menus are suitable for gluten-, dairy- and grain-free diets

always available – you’ll have lifetime access so you can refer back during future holidays!

no time-constraints or “scheduled” online classes – simply access them whenever you need or want

♦ your very own go-to food tutor: one-on-one email support from Jenny McGruther of Nourished Kitchen

Real Food for the Holidays is

ON SALE now through Wed.,

Nov 21st. Usually priced at

 $149, right now it is 40% off

for only $89!

Maybe you want to know how to make great-tasting baked goods without refined white flour or sugar? Or learn how to roast a tender, juicy turkey? This is for you! Take the stress out of holiday cooking and menu planning and let Jenny do it for youYEAR after YEAR!!!

Click here to learn more about it or to sign-up now!!!


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