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This is the first in what I hope will be a long series of “Real Food Testimonies”. I’m asking some fellow Real Food Eaters to share their stories of how they came to eat Real Food. Each person is likely on a different spot in their Real Food Journey. My hope is that these can be an inspiration for you – and may even give you some ideas or tools to incorporate to help YOU eat more Real Foods! Each guest blogger has been asked these questions:


What made them switch?

How did they switch?

And what have they noticed since they have shifted their eating?

First up is Anya from My Garden Haven. Here’s her story:

When I realized the food I was eating – or not eating – was the main culprit to my painful indigestion, joint pain, and weight problems (to name a few), I knew I had to figure out how to eat right. Not just that, but how to eat right for me.  I especially needed to know the reasons behind my decision to make such a change. It all started when a friend shared the link to the Wahls video here. It had a profound effect on me. The way Dr. Wahls explains how the food we eat affects the cellular, mitochondrial level of our bodies gave me my first big reasons why.

“Fat is good for you” – really, it IS!

I have lost 34 pounds since February 2012. This was an unexpected surprise to me! It was never really about my weight. People who have known me a long time are always asking me what I am doing differently, what “diet” am I on. Ummmmm, realfood!

I have added new foods and have reduced or eliminated other foods, making these changes a little at a time. For example, the very first major change I made was simply to stop using sugar in my coffee. Seems like a small thing, but it was big to me. In one day I did not miss the sugar. Another surprising outcome of all of this is that now, certain foods like pasta, white bread, cake, do not even appeal to me. I do not think about them. Therefore I do not miss them. Ok, I do not miss them most of the time.

Farmer's Market Bounty

Farmer’s Market Bounty

When I first realized I had to change, I did not know HOW I would ever do it, and while I am well on my way, I am still figuring this whole thing out. Yes, it does get exhausting at times. In fact yesterday, I talked to my husband about wouldn’t it be nice for our anniversary to hire a Real Food trainer (volunteers?) who would come spend the weekend (or whatever it would take) with us, stock our pantry, take us shopping, teach us how to cook and prepare, how to plan menus, when to sprout and soak, where to shop locally for the things we now need to buy. I’ll add a huge ETCETERA to that. I would LOVE that as an anniversary present! Maybe the Real Food Media bloggers (ahem) will start a reality show to that effect and our house can be the first family. :)

“Good Morning Shortridge Family!” Haha. No, really.

I have been promising my friends I would share the information I have learned so far with them. There are so many great resources out there that I decided to write a blog post instead. I hope this information will help you get on your way through the confusing maze of real food living!

Lastly, take it slow…. At this point, you just have to trust that it will get easier with time. With that said, I will share THIS balanced article I just love:

The 80/20 Rule of Healthy Eating: Why Follow It and Reasons to Live by It

Balance is healthy too.


Anya was born in 1965 in Marin County. She grew up on a farm in Contra Costa County and spent junior high through high school in the Mountains of Northern California. 

Anya is in love with her husband of 15 years, Ken, the mother of 4 grown children, all in their 20’s, and the grandmother of Micah – 6 years old as of this writing. Wait! Six and one half! 

She enjoys writing, fishing, helping people, and dancing like no one’s watching. She has been a real food advocate most of her life, but really didn’t know what that was until 2012. One of her biggest passions is organic gardening and exploring all facets of nature. In her spare time (lol) she writes for her garden blog at

She never tires of full moons, storms, rainbows, and sunsets – each one is brand new and worthy of a standing ovation.

Here are some resources that Anya shared on her blog:

Dr. Wahls’ YouTube Channel:

  • Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead

Available on Netflix as well as

These two videos were the most inspirational to me.


Soaking and Sprouting


This NOT That (When the Best Isn’t Available)

Raw Milk: 




These are the first few websites and blogs I found in the beginning of my new way of eating. I recommend going to their main page, then subscribe to the feed you want, be it Facebook, Twitter, email newsletter, YouTube channel, or blog.

Where to Buy Groceries

Online: –Natural Organic Grocery  and here: – Grocery and Gourmet Food

Tropical Traditions


Cultures for Health


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