Real Food Testimonies: “Fast Mixes to Real Food”

Real Food Testimonies | August 2, 2013 | By

I’m excited to have a guest post from my friend Audrey. She shares about her family’s transition towards Real Food:

We have REALLY switched the way we eat over here!

Looking back at how I started, one of the first things we tried to do was to stop buying mixes for things. We would regularly buy pancake mix, pizza dough mix, Jiffy muffin mixes, taco seasoning packets, chili seasoning packets, etc. They all seemed like a quick, easy way to eat our favorite family friendly meals. Mixes like these were always in my pantry. 

I knew if I just put the effort into it that it had to be pretty easy to just measure out my own ingredients and mix them together. I started with pizza crust, and moved on to all the others. If I can make cookies, shouldn’t I be able to make the rest? Speaking of cookies… 

Another change is that I don’t buy cookies or baked goods. We have all the ingredients on hand pretty much at all times to make brownies, chocolate chip cookies, oatmeal raisin cookies, pie, or any other normal dessert or treat that we’d want. This is a win in a few different ways. 1) I know all the ingredients, and I know that I purchased my eggs from the farm, organic butter, good flour, etc. so these will be some of the most healthy or real food cookies I could get. 2) If I don’t put forth the effort in the kitchen, we don’t eat these sugary treats. 3) I actually love to bake, so I have a lot of fun perfecting recipes and showing love to my family {and friends} by baking them goodies, like these delicious strawberry streusel muffins. Best. Muffins. Ever.



A third way we’ve changed the way we eat/cook is by either making our own sauces or trying to find organic sauces. We at least try to find ones that have better ingredients than what we were using. For example, our most recent thing is that we love barbecue sauce and haven’t wanted to try making my own yet. Even after so many other real food changes, I kept buying our good old Sweet Baby Ray’s. I found their ingredient label on google images. 

See #1? High Fructose Corn Syrup. That’s one of the first ingredients I learned to stay away from.

So…  this time when I went shopping {at Costco- Love!} I found Stubb’s Bar-B-Q Sauce.  Here is a picture of a few of my shopping finds, including the Stubb’s. 



It probably isn’t the BEST, but it’s a step closer to making my own at home. I’m sure I’ll make my own at home at some point, but until then, the first 5 ingredients are water, tomato paste, sugar, molasses, & distilled vinegar- all things I’d have no problem with using to make my own BBQ sauce at home. 

We also try to buy most things organic or local when possible. We even get whole grain, organic tortilla chips. What’s better than tortilla chips without guilt?! 🙂 

I love searching for new recipes all the time now and I seem to spend a lot of time in the kitchen, but with some good music and my family all around, I love it that way. 

All this being said, this picture cracks me up every time. 

Thanks for letting me share about my journey. We continue to make changes all the time and I’m working hard to take good care of my family by feeding them well. 

If you’re interested in eating more real food and are local to the West Michigan area, click here to join our buyer’s club!

Audrey is happily married and has three kids- ages 9, 8, & 6. She is a director of an elementary school mentoring program through Kids Hope USA. She co-runs a local buyers club, and loves to cook and bake. She recently started a blog about her experiences with cooking and baking, and she loves to write, sew, read, sing, and create things. 


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    August 2, 2013

    Awesome article! Thanks for sharing your journey, Audrey! Starting small is the way to go….now if I could even start there. 😉

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      Melissa @ RealFoodEater
      August 3, 2013

      Lori – You can do it!!! Start going through my “How to Eat Real Food” series. I am going to be adding to it and you can make the changes slowly. Also, you should look into joining our buyers club! It would help you know what to buy and from good sources! We could meet for coffee sometime and I can tell you more?

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    August 2, 2013

    Awesome article! Thanks for sharing your journey, Audrey! Starting small is the way to go….now if I could even start there. 😉

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