Sauteed Swiss Chard

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This might look sort of disgusting, but trust me. It’s REALLY yummy.

I had some Red Chard from my Door-to-Door Organics Box that gets delivered to my house weekly. (Check them out and see if they deliver to your area.)

Not only does getting these veggies/fruit delivered to my door weekly save me money (no extra trips to grocery store for bananas or carrots, only to come back $100 later), but it forces us to eat more produce and to find creative ways to use it up! It was one of those nights….

Tonight, here’s what I did:  (sorry for the loose instructions/ingredients, but most of the time that’s how I roll cook!)

Washed and chopped the chard, including stems.

Chopped up about 1/4 cup onions.

Chopped 4 garlic cloves (you can never have too much garlic, in my opinion).

Then I heated some olive oil along with a big spoonful of bacon fat (YUM!) in a large frying pan. I then sauteed the onions and stems of chard for about 5-6 minutes, adding in the garlic for about 1-2 minutes after that. *Note: to make vegetarian, omit the bacon fat. Normally I would have sauteed in chicken broth rather than olive oil, but I was out. It was still really good.

Next I added the chard. At the end, I drained some of the juice out and then sprinkled it all with some lemon juice, salt and pepper and the secret ingredient…..Feta Cheese. Well, actually I used crumbled gorgonzola cheese as that’s all I had on-hand.

Oh. My. Deliciousness.

Try it – you’ll like it, I promise!!!


Tell me – How do you cook your Chard?


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