This Week’s Meal Plan

Happy New Year Everyone!

I’m going to keep things simple and get back to the basics. I am constantly reminded at how few of us REALLY, truly understand the power that food can have on our health and wellness. I want to share that message with others and to make it as simple as possible. That is my New Year’s resolution…along with posting more than 5 blog posts in 2016 (which is apparently how many I posted last year!)

I’m starting out with something very practical – posting my weeks’ meal plan for dinners! This was our meal plan for this LAST week. I will aim to post our meal plan on Sunday or Monday for that week from now on.

Here is what we had this week (FYI – this is a lot more meat than we generally have, however Wednesday night’s request was from my son who turned 6 that day. It is his favorite!)

Monday – Irish Shepherd’s Pie (we used ground beef) *double this if you have big eaters or more than 2 kids

Tuesday – Chicken Curry Casserole

Wednesday – Chicken Pot Pie

Thursday – Tacos w/ Crockpot Refried Beans (freeze the leftover refried beans for next time or a different meal!)

Friday – Leftover Chicken, Rice & Veggie Soup from freezer

Saturday – Homemade Pizza (will share our recipe soon)

Sunday – Eating out (family trip to Chicago for the day!)


Share your favorite dinner recipes below!



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