Tuesday’s Tidbits (My favorite online organic food source, exercising, and more!)

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Whew. This post-holiday season is rough, isn’t it? Getting back into the rhythm of kids in school, back to work, blogging, trying to keep my house clean (not to mention getting over a case of what I am pretty sure was influenza) is tiring!

In the spirit of a New Year and the inevitable “goals” we set for ourselves each January 1st, here are a few items that might be of interest or help to you!

1. Have you checked out The Green PolkaDot Box yet?

If not, you need to!!! I have been getting some of my groceries from them over the last year and I am still impressed. They are a newer company so they are still working out some kinks, but it keeps getting better. You can read more about them on a previous post called A Great New Online, Organic and GMO-free Shopping Option, but here are a few highlights:

- they offer mostly organic options

- everything is GMO-free

- free shipping on orders of $75 or more

- over 1500 items and this list is growing

- organic produce AND refrigerated/frozen options are being rolled out on the western half of the U.S. right now, with the East to follow soon!!!

Their memberships are $50 a year (comparable to Costco/Sam’s club, right?) OR you can do a $10 trial membership to see how you like them first. To check those out, click here to be taken to the site.


2. Do you have any New Years’ resolutions that include exercising?

I do! I just purchased one of the work-out video sets that my friend Leslie recommended called ChaLEAN Extreme. Did you read Leslie’s guest post on my blog a few months ago? If not, go check it out at Real Food Testimonies: Meet Leslie. Her transformation was amazing!  I know that eating good, Real Food is the best way to get your body healthy. BUT, I’d really like to feel good about my body and build some nice, toned muscles too. I’m excited to see how things transform over the next 90 days as I do this workout schedule. What’s my real, vain motivation? We are going to the beaches of Florida over spring break and I just bought a new bikini. If that doesn’t scare me into getting toned, nothing will.


3.  What was your favorite Christmas gift? 

If you have Christmas gift money to spend yet and you love Real Food and cooking, check out my post on the Top 10 Christmas Gifts for Real Food Eaters. I couldn’t be without any of the things listed in that post. Also, on a sort-of-related topic, I am LOVING using Amazon Prime. Do you use them? I order a lot off of Amazon (because I HATE shopping in stores), plus my hubby and I have begun watching “Parenthood”, starting with season 1. Love that show!


4. So, I think I had the flu.

Like the influenza flu. It was not fun and I was miserable for quite a few days. Do I regret not getting the flu shot? Nope. Plus, even though the strain of flu that is going around West Michigan is apparently the same strain as what was in the flu shot, many of my friends who DID get the flu shot are still getting influenza. What gives? I say “no thanks” to filling my body with all of the yucky presevatives and additives that are in the flu shot. Plus, I now have the added benefit of having NATURAL immunity to this strain of flu, rather than the temporary immunity that the flu shot (somtimes) provides. If you missed it, here’s Why We Don’t Get the Flu Shot. (and yes, my mouth dropped to the floor when I saw how many “likes” that post has on Facebook currently! WOW!)


How about you – what was your favorite Christmas gift? Do you have any New Years’ resolutions? Did you get the flu shot (or the flu?)


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